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We provide custom software development from small proof-of-concept prototypes to entire products from scratch. If you faced performance or scalability issues in your application then we'll be happy to assist you. If you're are experienced software developers in the areas, then we can collaborate with your team to do more in less time.

We're a small distributed team, so we provide agility in development process. Since our members work at different time zones, we're available for communications at comfortable time for our clients.

To provide best quality and maintainability of our code we use similar to Linux kernel development process: mandatory code review and strict coding style. Also we provide access to our version control system with handy web interface at all phases of development process, so our work is transparent and you can make a decision to work with us or not at early stages.

We're developing quite fast and secure (or security) solutions based on algorithms and approaches from state-of-the-art research. Main areas of our expertise are:

  • Multi-core scalability on modern x86-64 environments and parallel data processing

  • Analyzing, filtering, shaping and complex transformations of multi-gigabit network traffic at all levels

  • Transactional distributed databases with specific cache-sensitive indexes

  • Information security (DDoS mitigation, intrusion detection and prevention, authentication, access control, traffic filtering, VPN)

  • Deep modifications of large Open Source projects (e.g. Linux kernel, MySQL/InnoDB/Galera, Apache or Nginx HTTP servers)


Examples of our successfully shipped projects


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