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The client prefers to stay anonymous due to marketing considerations  Performance analyzing and optimization of VPN network capturer (Linux kernel module) to handle multi-gigabit traffic on multi-core x86-64 NUMA systems:
  • lock-free data structures
  • NUMA and MSI-X aware scheduling
  • zero-copy network packets handling
We've achieved stable performance measures, almost 200% performance boost in some of the tests and more than 100% improvement in average.

RIA News  Consulting in distributed systems (distributed lock managers, distributed filesystems). Performance optimization of xslcache.

The client prefers to stay anonymous due to marketing considerations  10Gbps interest-based advertising platform that works at the ISP level (the system monitors and modifies TCP/HTTP client traffic in real-time). Fully developed in Linux kernel to gain maximum performance.

High performance solution for processing Cisco RDRv1 protocol. The project is based on number of cutting-edge technologies such as zero-copy network IO, lock-free data structures, advanced NIC interrupts processing.

Real time cluster management system fully written on Erlang which is based on Extended Virtual Synchrony group communication model for reliable communications and failovering.

.masterhost  MySQL accouniting and users limiting. MySQL and FreeBSD 8.0/7.3 kernels were patched. FreeBSD patch for per-thread rusage CPU statistic was sent to freebsd-hackers mailing list.

FreeBSD kernel module and Apache 2.2 patch for high performance user switching to execute PHP scripts (much faster than any existing user switching mechanism).

Beeline  10Gbps backbone HTTP traffic (MPLS) analyzer and TOP statistic counter. General concepts were presented on RIF'2008. 10Gbps performance was shown on entry-level server due to new technology of data structures construction based on x86-64 virtual memory paging. The kernel of the project is heavily modified Linux kernel (network capturer) and R-tree based application level statistic data storage.

VicMan  High performance DNS cluster with white and black list policies for resource records and parallel requests to root servers.
This cluster has been under our 24x7 supervision during 2008 and 2009 years with zero downtime.

CCTLD  Consultation in top level DNS architecture, performance and reliability of DNS anycasted clusters.

Qik  Lightweight caching filesystem for speeding up underlying network filesystems.



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