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NatSys Lab was founded in 2008 by software engineers with several years of experience in high performance computing in the Linux/x86-64 environment. Our mission is to explore and develop algorithms which can exploit full power of modern multi-core x86-64 hardware and Linux operating system.

Over the years we've helped many clients to improve performance of their software as well as releasing tens of custom high performance projects in network applications and database areas.

We develop open source Linux Application Delivery Controller (ADC).

We've developed the fastest lock-free work queue.

We were the first to publish open source benchmarks for Transactional Memory in Intel Haswell processors and studied its performance in comparison with traditional locking mechanisms.


Linux Kernel Hackers Wanted!

We're looking for talented and experienced Linux Kernel Hackers who will help us to make Tempesta FW more robust and featureful. Tempesta FW is the first and only hybrid of Web-accelerator and firewall designed to efficiently mitigate application layer DDoS attacks.

To be successful in this position, you need to:

  • be experienced with hacking kernel/, mm/, net/ and security/ parts of Linux kernel
  • know TCP/IP and HTTP protocols
  • be fluent with classic algorithms and data structures
  • understand how network adapters and x86-64 CPU work
  • be willing to write some C++14 code in user space

You will work remotely; there is no central office, and most people work from their homes.

Please send your CV and cover letter to


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